Kalamaris Waterfall near Gialova

Kalamaris Waterfall, Messinia, Greeec

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Messinia is a land of hidden waterfalls. Even though nothing indicates their presence from a distance in this region of olive orchards and melon fields they are there and they are beautiful. The most famous is probably the stunning waterfalls of Neda while my all-time favorite is the lush green Polilimnio. However, there are others, lesser-known, worth the visit. After 8 years of uncountable trips to Messinia, we finally visited the Kalamaris waterfall just outside of Gialova seaside town.

The trip to the waterfall starts from the village of Gialova following the signs for Kalamaris waterfall. After about a kilometer turn to the right on a dirt road, again marked by a sign. From here, drive through the orchards covering the bottom of the valley until a sign indicating a car park. Don’t expect much of a car park though, it’s just a clearing among few olive trees.

From here a narrow path merges to the jungle for the next 15 minutes until reaching the waterfall. There is a small pool at the bottom of the waterfall for a refreshing splash and the rock just under the waterfall makes a great photo spot. Our visit to the waterfall was accompanied by never stopping the quacking of frogs living in the surrounding bushes waking up hunting instincts in our slightly confused city dog.

The whole trip from Gialova to the Kalamari waterfall can be easily and comfortably done on foot, too. It has around 3 km each way and passes mostly through the evergreen olive orchards so typical for this part of Greece. It would make for a pleasant afternoon hike after a day of lounging on one of the beautiful beaches around Gialova.

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Hiking to the Kalamaris Waterfall near Gialova in Messinia, Greece
Kalamaris Waterfall, Messinia, Greeec
Kalamaris Waterfall, Messinia, Greeec2
Kalamaris Waterfall, Messinia, Greeec1
Kalamaris Waterfall near Gialova in Messinia, Greece

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