North Evia

North Evia

Last May, my friend Lucka was taking her friend to her summer-house in the North Evia. She didn’t want to drive back alone so she asked me to come with her to keep her company. I’m always happy to go for a road trip so I took a couple of days off and we left.

Poppies, North EviaThe first stop – Chalkida. This is the biggest town in Evia and the entrance to the island if you are coming by car. I don’t think there is anything very interesting in Chalkida but the truth is that we never even bothered to stop and have a look around. Maybe next time. After Chalkida the road climbs up to the mountains and then down to the village of Prokopi and this part of the road is really beautiful, especially in the spring. We stopper by the river just before the village to recover from the turns of the road and to enjoy the calmness and beauty of the place.

Prokopi, North Evia, GreeceThen we continued to the town of Loutra Edipsou. This is an old spa town, very quiet outside of the main season (and maybe even during the main season) and little bit creepy. This old bath house would be a great backdrop for a horror movie, don’t you think? The good thing is that you don’t have to go to the spa to enjoy the hot healing water, its running around the bathhouse and down to the sea.

Loutra Eidipsou, North EviaWe didn’t go for a bath here but enjoyed it the next morning in Gialtra on the other side of the bay. Gialtra is much smaller but equally sleepy, there was just us and one elderly German couple. The hot water is running under the road and on the rocky beach, where people dug couple of small pools. The ritual (as we observed from the Germans) is to sit in the pools of hot water as long as possible, then run to the sea to cool off and repeat. After 3 repetitions we stunk like a bad egg but felt fresh and energized!

North Evia

Jasmin, Gialtra Hot SpringsThe beaches around this part of Evia are not the most impressive but they have their own beauty. They are quiet and deserted with shallow sea and old fisherman boats scattered on the shore. The perfect place for long walks and photography. Don’t expect much partying or socializing either because the area is populated mainly by German and English pensioners who bought a house here to be able to enjoy the mild weather and hot healing springs.

North Evia

North Evia

Gialtra, North Evia, Greece

Gialtra, North Evia, GreeceOn the way back to Athens we made a detour to the Drymona Waterfalls. Lucka was sceptical, because the last time she went there there was no water whatsoever but we went anyway. May is obviously the ideal time to visit as there was plenty of water running through the waterfalls this time and hardly any people. There is a path following the stream and descending to the pools. The water has the most beautiful turquoise – green color and is crystal clear…and bloody cold if you think of going for a dip.

North Evia

Drymona Falls, North Evia, Greece

North EviaThe last detour before Athens was the Gieroplatanos (plane tree) near the village of Prokopi. This is the oldest plane tree in the Balkans approximately 2000 years old! Unfortunately, some of its branches has been broken off due to its age, the weather and probably the human stupidity. But there are new ones sprouting out of the huge tree trunk and hopefully one day they will reach the impressive 30 meters of height again.

Prokopi, North Evia

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